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International Internal Audit Awareness Month

The IIA encourages individuals and Institutes around the world to celebrate and promote awareness of the internal audit profession to our stakeholders.

International Internal Audit Awareness Month is celebrated each May with events and activities around the world. Whether you are an active IIA member or new to internal auditing, there are many things you can do to raise awareness of the internal audit profession among audit customers, executive management, and boards of directors, students and others in the business community. Follow the conversation on #IIAMay.

Get inspiration through The IIA's complimentary Building Awareness Toolkit to see how professionals around the world have been celebrating the month throughout these years. The toolkit features a digital icon, articles, videos and customisable PowerPoint presentations for you and your team in awareness-building efforts. Do your part and be an ambassador for internal audit! 

IA Awareness Month 2018

Be part of our activities as we celebrate and promote awareness of the Internal Audit profession to our stakeholders. 

1. So you MAY improve your knowledge
Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and organisations are increasingly incorporating the advances AI brings into operations. Hear from GIC and Handshakes experts on how you can prepare your Internal Audit team to provide assurance over AI and capitalise on its efficiencies in audit plans and activities.
Register here now for the Learn At Lunch talk on 21 May 2018 to find out more about IA’s role in AI. Participants will clock 1 CPE hour and receive a surprise take-away as well!
2. So you MAY accelerate your career 
Earning the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) credential is an important step towards demonstrating your core Internal Audit competencies and knowledge. Sign up here for the complimentary CIA briefing session on 9 May 2018 to find out how you can shift your career into high gear.
For a limited time, you can take advantage of the application fee waiver for the CIA through May. You could save up to US$115 on the only globally recognised certification for Internal Audit.  To qualify, you must be an existing IIA Singapore member and complete the certification application by 31 May 2018. Click here to apply.   
3. So you MAY expand your network
Everyone could use an introduction every now and then. The right contacts at the right place and time can be priceless. Held on 16 May 2018, our Networking Night offers an excellent opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and meet new members in a relaxed setting. Join us for an evening of catch-up over good food and drinks by signing up here.
4. So you MAY help others save
Encourage your colleagues or friends to join the Internal Audit fraternity and at the same time enjoy a waiver of the one-time application fee of S$21.40 and S$107, for new Individual and Corporate membership applications respectively. Applications must be submitted within the month of May.  Sign up here!
5. So we MAY know you better
Our Membership Survey brings us closer and helps us to improve in order to serve you better. A lucky participant of the online survey will win one complimentary pass to the 2018 Global Internal Audit Leadership Summit and Annual Conference happening from 17 to 19 October. So don’t hold back, we would love to hear from you. Click here to take the survey.
6. So you MAY be competitive 
From 1 to 31 May 2018, share your views in 50 words or less on how Data Analytics helps you to achieve your organisation’s objectives. Two lucky members stand to walk away with book prizes, the “Data Analytics Bundle” and “Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks”. Share your views by completing the form here and emailing to now.
Let us all come together to elevate the profession! Register now and join us in celebrating Internal Audit Awareness Month.

IA Awareness Month 2017

To kick start the International Internal Audit Awareness Month, we are rolling out the following promotions:

1. Membership Drive

Enjoy waiver of application fees of S$21.40 for new Individual membership application and S$107 for new Corporate Membership application for FY2017/2018. Applications must be submitted within month of May. Click on the respective links for Individual and Corporate membership and join us now!

2. Membership Survey

We would love to hear from you. We will be launching a Membership Survey soon and look forward to your participation to help us improve in order to serve you better. Upon completion of the online survey, you stand a chance to win a coffee card worth S$20/-. You may be 1 of the 10 lucky persons to win. Do keep a lookout for the survey!

3.  Application Fee Waiver for CIA Program

In conjunction with the International Internal Audit Awareness Month, The IIA will waive the application fee (savings of US$115) for the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®).

Click on the link for more information on the CIA designation and to apply. To qualify, you must be an existing IIA Singapore member and complete the CCMS certification application by 31May 2017.

4. Crossword Puzzle Contest 

As part of building awareness for the IA profession, we have organised a crossword puzzle contest. Click here to complete the crossword puzzle and stand a chance to win the new IPPF Redbook worth US$89.99 and shopping vouchers! 

Thank you for your continuous support and let us work together to make a difference to the IA profession!

IA Awareness Month 2016

26 May Networking Night: Conquering Your Own Everest

More than 50 participants gathered in the evening for a fun-filled night of celebration, networking, dinner and drinks held at Mad Poet Gastrobar on 26 May 2016. To raise awareness for the profession, members were also encouraged to bring along a IA partner/stakeholder i.e. CEOs, CFOs, AC to join in the celebration. The event ended off on a pleasant note with more drinks and delectable tiramisu bites bringing joy to our members and their stakeholders! Read more on the event here. View more photos here.


31 May Lunch & Lunch Event: How Continuous Monitoring and Data Analytics Can Automate Your Current Auditing Processes to Get Better Insight into Fraud and Increase Your Audit Coverage

More than 70 participants joined us for MAY Lunch & Learn on 31 May 2016 where Mr. Sebe Gerritsen, Regional Director at Nasdaq covered on continuous monitoring and data analytics to automate audit processes and get better insights into fraud. 

The participants also caught the last wave of celebration for International IA Awareness Month. Card tags were passed around as internal auditors penned down thoughts on why they were proud of their work while non internal auditors expressed words of appreciation/encouragement for the IA profession. These card tags filled with celebratory messages were then randomly attached to a muffin as a takeaway for the participants. 

Some of the messages include:

"Thank you for ensuring controls are in place."

"I am proud to be an internal auditor as I can be a good partner to stakeholders!"

"I am proud to be an IIA member as we promote transparency & accountability to stakeholders."

"Proud to be an IA where my auditees can look to us to provide value-added advices."

"I am a proud IA because I can help the company to improve on the governance and controls. I also get to learn and understand A-Z of the company."

Read here to find out more. See more photos here.

IA Awareness Month 2015

15 May Lunch & Lunch Event: AC's Challenges & The Changing Role of IA

Close to 100 participants joined us for this round of Lunch and Learn. Participants not only gained insights from speakers, Mr Eric Lim and Mr Irving Low. We also celebrated International Internal Audit Awareness Month together. Participants shared why they are proud of IA, writing their thoughts on a tag. These ideas were circulated as each participant brought home a tagged cookie. We saw the surprise and smiles on the participants faces. Who could resist these pretty and meaningful cookies? 

To read more about the event, click here.


26 May Today's Strategic Challenges: A View from the C-Suite

A cosy and close knitted event as close to 50 participants spent their evening on 26 May 2015 with Professor Kathy Pearson who presented recent empirical research on key challenges facing organizations, as perceived by senior management across industries. She also shared anecdotal evidence from her own practice and provided an Asian perspective. 

We also celebrated IA Awareness with this different group of stakeholders with delicious orange cupcakes and IIA Singapore cake toppers.

To read more about the event, click here.

IA Awareness Month 2014

Questions Every Investor Should Ask about Internal Audit at an AGM

IA evaluates and improves the effectiveness of an organisation's internal control, risk management and governance framework, thereby safeguarding investors' interests.  

As part of International Internal Audit Awareness Month and Singapore Investment Week 2014 (17-24 May)James Loh, Vice President of IIA Singapore, shares why Internal Audit functions are necessary as a check and balance in organisations. He shares with investors key questions to ask companies about their Internal Audit functions during an AGM.


Interviews 2014

In May 2014, IIA Singapore jointly collaborated with the Asia Centre of Excellence for IA (ACEIA) to interview representatives from various stakeholder groups for their views on the IA function. Read the press release here.



7 May Networking Event

We celebrated International Internal Audit Awareness Month with more than 60 IIA Singapore members over champagne, cupcakes and dinner. The evening ended with engaging presentations on how to build a personal brand - both online and in person. View event photos here.

IA Awareness Month 2013

Read how Eric Lim, President of IIAS started his career as a budget analyst and eventually became Head of Internal Audit at DSO National Laboratories.


How did you celebrate International Internal Audit Awareness Month this year?

“Watchdog,” “family doctor,” “process police” – these are just some of the names used to describe the Internal Audit (IA) role. By providing an objective assurance of a company’s control, governance and risk management processes, the IA function plays a vital role in ensuring its continued health.

In May 2013, Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) and IIA Singapore collaborated in a series of profiles of leading IA practitioners. Read the four interviews below to learn more about this essential role, the value of high-quality IA and how it contributes to the ultimate success of companies.

The value of high-quality Internal Audit

With over two decades in the field of internal audit (IA), Ms Marie Ong Shwu Fen has seen the field undergo numerous exciting developments. What hasn’t changed is her enthusiasm for her role; as the Assistant Vice President of Group Internal Audit at a locally-listed company, Ms Ong now helps to manage a seasoned IA team for a company with a range of global operations and projects. As part of our spotlight on IA professionals for International IA Awareness Month, she shares with us the most fulfilling aspects of her job and how internal auditors can be “nice policemen.” Read the full feature here.

IA as a Trusted and Respected Partner

For Ms Eileen Tay, Head of Internal Audit at the CPF Board, strengthening the partnership between the IA function and key stakeholders is central to delivering value. Read more.

Seeking the High Ground

For Ms Celina Eng, Vice President, Audit Division, SMRT Corporation, few roles offer as much opportunity to add value to an organisation as the Internal Audit (IA) function. She shares with us why a little scepticism can be healthy and her commitment to mentoring her team members. 

Champions of Change

Read how Eric Lim, President of IIAS started his career as a budget analyst and eventually became Head of Internal Audit at DSO National Laboratories.