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Public Sector Internal Audit Conference (PSIA) 2015

An effective and efficient government has a powerful impact on a country’s economy. Organized by the IIA Singapore and CSC Singapore, the theme of the Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2015 was “Unlocking the value of internal audit – For an efficient and effective government”. Internal auditors play a vital role in strengthening corporate governance, internal controls, risk management and value-for-money initiatives in the public sector. With the increasing complex and uncertain external environment, IA must consider broadening its scope and capabilities in these areas. Beyond IA’s primary role in assurance for effective governance, it can play a more significant role in addressing external threats and risks, as well as continuing to address threats within the organisation such as frauds and corruption. It must also work closer with the Board, AC and management to overcome emerging issues and challenges that their organisations may face as a value-creation partner to help agencies operate effectively. Download the actual day programme booklet here

Featuring a panel of distinguished public sector thought leaders, close to 300 delegates were present on 9 - 10 April, to learn how internal audits can be unlocked to help governments to improve operations. View more photos here.