Global Connections

Board Representation on IIA International Committees

Singapore is represented at the global level on IIA International Committees.

Tan Boon Yen, President
Member, Global Professional Development Committee
2016 - Present

Mission: To promote and enhance the global development of high-performing internal audit professionals, indispensable to their organisations.

Eric Lim, Immediate Past President
Member, Internal Audit Foundation Board of Trustees
2017 - Present

Mission: To expand knowledge and understanding of internal auditing by providing relevant research and educational products to advance the profession globally.

Goh Puay Cheh, Executive Director
Member, Institute Relations Committee
2017 - Present

Mission: To promote and facilitate the development and maintenance of a global strategy that fosters good communication, collaboration and cooperation among The IIA and all Institutes. To oversee Institute relations including the formation, development and expansion of IIA Institutes.

Member, Global Executive Leadership Team
2017 - Present

Mission: To serve as an advisory body to The IIA's Executive Committee and Global Board of Directors through The IIA President and CEO on the operational feasibility and probable impact of strategic initiatives and IIA projects that would have a direct impact on Institute operations.

Representation in the Asian Confederation of Institute of Internal Auditors (ACIIA)

The ACIIA is a confederation of sixteen (17) IIA affiliates in the Asia Pacific region comprising IIA Australia, IIA China, IIA Hong Kong China, IIA India, IIA Indonesia, IIA Japan, IIA Korea, IIA Malaysia, IIA Mongolia, IIA New Zealand, IIA Papua New Guinea, IIA Philippines, IIA Singapore, IIA Sri Lanka, IIA Chinese Taiwan, IIA Fiji and IIA Thailand.