Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Looking Beyond

As IIA Singapore enters its 38th year, looking back at the past years brings fond memories of IIAS’ achievements. The IIA is the international standard-setter for Internal Auditors and there are now more than 115,000 Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) around the world. The IIA's other certifications, CRMA, CCSA, CFSA and CGAP are also enjoying steady growth.

Looking ahead, the profession is inevitably heading for change and our perennial role of providing independent and objective assurance will remain, while the expectations of Internal Audit continue to increase with evolving regulations, stakeholder demands and technological progress.

After having been in the profession for many years, I would like to humbly share my thoughts for success in this profession:

First, expand your horizon and look beyond your space if you aspire to be successful. Understand business risks, reach out, invest time with business units, and partner with them to bring success.

Second, technology will drive efficiency and shape the future of how audits are planned and executed. The next few years will see increasing use of data analytics. Keeping abreast with technology will ensure you stay relevant with changing times.

Third, Combined Assurance will be embraced by organisations of the future, drawing assurance from various providers. Assurance providers such as IA, compliance and risk management will rely on each other and cease to work in silos in order to provide assurance and protect the interests of the organisation. IA is in the best position to champion and coordinate this effort.

I wish you all a rewarding and colourful new year of success in the profession.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." – George Bernard Shaw

Yours Sincerely,
Eric Lim