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Membership Referral Programme

Welcome to our Membership Referral Programme! As a valued member, we want to reward you for sharing the benefits of our membership with your friends and family. By referring others to join our membership, you not only help them discover the value of our membership and benefits, but you also earn rewards for yourself. It's a win-win situation!

Our referral programme is simple and easy to use. Just complete the form here. When the applicants have been successfully approved for the membership, you will receive the reward. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn. So, spread the word and help us grow our internal audit community while earning rewards along the way.

The referral reward table for the respective membership term that the applicant is enrolled in, as follows:

No. of Referred Applicant(s) Referral Programme (S$)
  First half of membership term Second half of membership term
  (Jul to Dec) (Jan to Jun)
First applicant $50 NTUC vouchers $25 NTUC vouchers
Second applicant $100 NTUC vouchers $50 NTUC vouchers


Thank you for being a part of our membership programme and we appreciate your support!


Eligibility of Referrer

  • All current and paid-up members of IIA Singapore are eligible to participate in this referral programme.
  • Referrals by inactive members and applicants for nominees under Corporate Membership are not eligible.


Criteria of Referred Applicant

  • First time applicant of IIA Singapore membership.
  • Former member of IIA Singapore who was inactive for three years and above.


Start referring and receiving the rewards today!