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23 Mar 2023 Internal Audit's Role in ESG Reporting in The Business Times by Stephen Ching
11 Nov 2022 IIA Singapore Supports In Validating The Results For The Charity Transparency Awards
4 Nov 2022 Annual Conference 2022 News in Lianhe Zaobao
4 Nov 2022 IIA Singapore Issues Guide To Internal Review Of Sustainability Report
21 Jun 2022 IIA Singapore President Is A Member of Sustainability Reporting Advisory Committee Set Up BY ACRA and SGX RegCo
15 May 2022 Feature of IIA Singapore Member Koh Yong Chuan in Me&MyCareer, The Sunday Times
10 Jan 2022 Apart from Covid-related developments, what is your biggest hope (or fear) for 2022?
3 Nov 2021 Annual Conference 2021 News in Lianhe Zaobao
2 Nov 2021 Annual Conference 2021 News in CNA
2 Nov 2021 IIA Singapore Annual Conference Advances Discussions on Role of Internal Audit in Corporate Governance and ESG
26 Aug 2021 IIA Singapore President Quoted in The Business Times on SGX Consultation Paper on Climate and Diversity
26 Aug 2021 IIA Singapore President Quoted in The Straits Times on SGX Consultation Paper on Climate and Diversity
9 Aug 2021 What next big thing could Singapore set its sights on for the decade ahead?
15 Jun 2021

2021 IIA International Conference Media News in Lianhe Zaobao

14 Jun 2021

Media Release: 2021 IIA International Conference Brings Together. Global Thought Leaders on Top Issues Affecting IA

11 Jan 2021 As an employer, would you encourage your staff to get vaccinated against Covid-19? Will you get the jab yourself when your turn comes?
05 Oct 2020 What curriculum (or other) changes are needed to better prepare Singapore's university graduates for the new economy and the future of work?
04 May 2020 Should annual general meetings (AGMs) go virtual even post-pandemic? What's needed to ensure that virtual AGMs uphold the spirit of shareholder engagement and corporate transparency?
17 Feb 2020 What early lessons can be drawn so far about efforts to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic?
27 Jan 2020 Will the move to scrap quarterly reporting lead to a decrease in corporate transparency?
02 Dec 2019 What do you think is the most significant event or development of the past decade?
25 Nov 2019 What opportunities and challenges are there in incorporating giving in your business?
15 Nov 2019 You'd better watch out; the Internal Auditor is coming to town
27 Aug 2019 Harnessing data starts with a data management framework
08 Jul 2019 How do you see the impact of digital banks in Singapore? What potential risks should we watch for?
26 Jun 2019 Risk Management should be Proactive in these Turbulent Times
10 Jun 2019 As a business leader, how do you "get the organisation's culture right" - and ensure the values preached are practised on the ground?
31 May 2019 The New Guardians of Emerging Technology
06 May 2019 How should the concept of labour be updated for the new economy? What key traits would be most critical for a future-ready workforce?
26 Apr 2019 Call to empower public officers on the ground to make decisions
26 Apr 2019 Give frontline officers the power to decide: Chee Internal auditors must also give feedback on rule tweaks that would allow such flexibility, says Chee Hong Tat
26 Apr 2019 Ensure rules that are set can be followed, Chee Hong Tat urges internal auditors
26 Apr 2019 Chee Hong Tat says giving frontline officers more decision-making power
04 Mar 2019 What role do businesses play in Digital Defence? How is your organisation boosting its digital security?
11 Feb 2019 What are your wishes, as a business leader, for the Year of the Pig?
21 Jan 2019 What would be necessary for Singapore to become a zero-waste nation? How is your organisation contributing towards the vision -- and are there costs and benefits involved?
14 Jan 2019 What's the biggest risk event that you're watching out for, as a business leader, in 2019?
11 Sep 2018 Ten years on from the 2008 global economic crisis, what do you think is the biggest risk to the world economy today?
14 Aug 2018 Internal audit mindset should be part of corporate culture
09 Jul 2018 How can profit and purpose be strategically aligned in Singapore's competitive business environment?
04 Jun 2018 How prepared is your organisation for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Does the data privacy law spell boon or bane for your business?
28 May 2018 When hiring executive staff, how open would you be, as an employer, to ditching altogether academic qualifications as an indicator of cognitive ability and potential? How would you assess an aspiring employee?
30 Apr 2018 How does your organisation ensure it gets its share of top talent?
27 Apr 2018 Corporate culture: You can’t see it but you know it’s there
02 Apr 2018 What industry ramifications would there be from Facebook's data breach debacle? Are there lessons for businesses in today's Big Data world?
19 Mar 2018 What are you as a business leader looking forward to, for company or country, in the Year of the Dog?
15 Feb 2018 How should Singapore firms do business in graft-prone markets?
27 Nov 2017 One year into the Trump presidency, how do you see the role of America in the global economy, and the impact, if any, for business in Asia?
06 Nov 2017 What will be the biggest contributing factor for Singapore to achieve its vision as a leading global financial centre in Asia?

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