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Mentorship Programme

Programme Overview

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Singapore and Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) are pleased to inaugurate the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) mentorship programme. The main objective of the mentorship programme is to connect aspiring CAEs with a more experienced Mentor whose knowledge, guidance and expertise will enable and support the Mentee in his/her journey to grow professionally.


Structured over a period of 6 months, the programme seeks to achieve the following: 


  • Receive advice on professional and career development goals from your more experienced counterparts. 
  • Strengthen capabilities in your internal audit (IA) leadership role. 


  • Opportunity to nurture CAE aspirants and give back to the IA community through your personal knowledge and experience. 
  • Help aspiring CAEs realise their value-creating role and the important advocacy role he/she plays for the profession. 


This programme is intended for:

  • Experienced CAEs, Heads of Internal Audit or its equivalent (Mentors). 
  • Aspiring CAEs or internal auditors who are currently at one or two levels below the CAE, i.e. Deputy/Director/Senior Manager (Mentees). 

Programme Format

The inaugural run of this programme will commence in January 2017 and will last for a period of 6 months, to complete in June 2017.

  • To kick-start the programme, a preparatory workshop will be conducted for Mentors and Mentees on the 11 January 2017
  • Mentees are expected to take the initiative in arranging meetings with their mentors. It is recommended for meetings to be arranged once per month. 
  • A midway review session will be held for participants to gather and share their approaches and experiences in their mentorship journeys. 
  • A final review session will also be held for sharing of the benefits and outcomes obtained from the programme. 

Selection Process

Matching will be performed by the organisers based on the profiles of and areas of interest indicated by Mentors and Mentees. While every effort will be made by the organisers to find a match for each Mentor and Mentee based on information provided by the applicants, successful matching is not guaranteed due to the unequal number and diversity of applicants. 

Mentors of the programme include:

"The role of the CAE differs substantially from the rest of his/her audit function in terms of a need for engagement with the Board and Senior Management on broader areas like governance and tone of the company. Success in such areas depend largely on experience and interactions which are hard to replicate through literature and formal training. A well laid-out mentorship programme, led by seasoned CAEs, is an excellent lead-in to this new and exciting journey for aspiring and successful Audit Directors/Managers."


Antonio Martinez Marroquin

"The IIA/SAC mentorship programme is a unique opportunity for any aspiring IA leader to get first-hand career development advice from some of the IA thought-leaders in Singapore. Current and future IA leaders collaborate to make IA an indispensible part of sound corporate governance, as Singapore continues to lead the way in developing IA excellence for Asia Pacific and the world at large." 


- Mr. Derrick Lim
Divisional Vice-President, Internal  Audit, 
Singapore Airlines Ltd
  - Mr. Antonio Martinez Marroquin
Vice-President, The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore
Vice-President, Internal Audit; DKSH Management Pte Ltd


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