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Past Events

New Year Networking Night   Vocal Leadership   SIT Accountancy Forum
SMU & IIA Singapore Internal Audit Forum - Audit and the Dark Side of Business   Leveraging Technologies in Internal Audit   Internal Audit: Innovate or Risk Being Irrelevant
Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2023   Acrylic Pour Bear Workshop with IIA Singapore YPWG   What You Need to Know About the Proposed Changes to the Standards
Maximising the Value of Internal Audit   IIA Singapore YPWG Xchange Night   Internal Audit as a Profession
ESG For Internal Auditors   New Member's Networking Night   Cost Control During Economic Uncertainty: Leveraging Audit Innovation
Spotlight on Risk Management in the Digital Era at Singapore Police Force’s Roadshow   Save the Earth with IIA Singapore YPWG   Minute Away
Year 2022 Events        
Cloud Security   Annual Conference 2022   Governing and Securing Data Through the Lifecycle for Banks and FIs
From The Lab To The Real World - Challenges In Getting Algorithms To Achieve Their True Potential   Outreach to Ngee Ann Polytechnic   SMU & IIA Singapore Internal Audit Forum
46th Annual General Meeting   The Role of Internal Audit in Cyber Security Readiness & Resilience   Building a career in Internal Audit – Advisory, Assurance and More
Understanding IP Audit and its Handling Rights   Fraud and the Pandemic - Internal Audit Stepping Up to the Challenge   Financial Sector Internal Audit Conference 2022
Building a Successful Career in Internal Audit   Maximising the Value of Internal Audit   Influence through Voice
Happy Auditors, Happy Minds: Your Mental Health Is Important   How Internal Auditors Have Adapted To Pandemic-related Disruptions And Are Re-tooling To Deliver Greater Assurance Impact   2022 Young Professionals Internal Audit Mentorship Programme
Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2022   Sustainability Auditing: The Evolving Trend   Sustainable Finance and MAS Environmental Risk Management: An Introduction
Data Governance Overview: Challenges & Expectations        





















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