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Commerce ImproVISAtions

Over 30 Internal Audit Leaders attended a networking and sharing session on 9 March 2018 at Visa Innovation Centre jointly organised by IIA Singapore and Visa. Themed Commerce ImproVISAtions, Mr Raj Bux, Visa’s VP of Business Operations in Internal Audit, Governor of IIA Singapore, shared about Visa’s technology and innovation and the trends driving the future of commerce.

Participants had the opportunity to visit the Innovation Centre, designed to be a collaborative space for partners to work with Visa to create new payment and commerce solutions, particularly for mobile and digital platforms. The space features practical demonstrations to excite and engage visitors, including applications of the Internet of Things in a connected car environment.

Internal Audit Leaders saw first-hand how Visa aims to make commerce and shopping simple and easy for both consumers and businesses through its drive for innovation. In a ubiquitous digital world, the way consumers shop, buy and pay for their purchases is fundamentally changing each and everyone’s lives.

Visa’s Innovation Center, a workspace that lends itself to conversation, collaboration and innovation.
Networking among the Internal Audit leaders.
Experiential demos showcasing the trends driving the future of commerce.
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