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Learn At Lunch: Bridging Business and Digital Risk Management

Managing Risk is a Business and a Technology Challenge 

“Effective digital risk management requires a clear definition of accountabilities and responsibilities for both the IT function and the business. Digital risk management cannot be successful if it merely is a set of processes operating in an IT silo. Bridging this gap requires a full and open partnership,” said Mr James Fong, RSA Archer Solution Lead – Asia Pacific and Japan, RSA, Dell Technologies.  This was one of the key takeaways that over 20 internal audit professionals gleaned from the Learn At Lunch talk held on 12 July 2018. 

As digital technology pervades virtually every business, there is greater urgency to manage this challenge. Threats to the effectiveness and reliability of IT can impact business performance significantly, as IT risks can quickly become business risks to the organisation. 

“With access to information within the organisation and an enterprise-wide view of the organisation, internal audit is in an ideal position from which to anticipate risks and issues that could affect the organisation’s ability to reach its goals. By providing assurance over the  risks posed by digitisation, internal auditors can give senior management and the board the information and confidence they need to embrace the digital future,” added Mr Fong, who gave a talk on “Bridging Business and Digital Risk Management".

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