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Learn At Lunch: Managing IT Application Controls

In today’s work environment, many organisations have gone digital which means that internal audit cannot continue with auditing around the IT systems. Continuous monitoring and testing form the backbone of an effective IT compliance and controls programme that supports IT strategy, while identifying and proactively remediating weaknesses in controls and processes.

At the recent Learn At Lunch talk on 13 December 2018 presented by Ms Jenny Tan, Partner, Risk Assurance of PwC Singapore, over 20 internal audit professionals learnt more about the relationship of IT general controls, IT application controls and IT security, and how they should respond when they discover something amiss from their IT application controls review. Her presentation included the use of case studies to illustrate what and how should internal auditors deal with IT application controls review and its review outcome.

“Technology has become an essential component of our work environment and it has replaced many conventional processes. Since processes have changed, auditing approach and internal auditors have to keep up with the changes too. Internal auditors need to re-learn about auditing that incorporates technology considerations to stay relevant and value-add to the organisation,” said Ms Tan.

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