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Global Internal Audit Leadership Summit 2019

With the theme, “Leading with a Difference”, our flagship Global Internal Audit Leadership Summit (GIALS) on 1 August 2019 focused our attention on transformational leadership that demonstrates how internal audit leaders can drive and focus on innovative culture and solutions to build up an internal audit function that is insightful and creates value to the organisation.

The conference focuses on several key topics and developments, including stakeholder collaboration and auditing culture that are important to the internal audit leaders in today’s environment. For the first time in this region, over 120 internal audit leaders and professionals had the opportunity to evaluate the Internal Audit Ambition (IA AIM) Model 2.0 which was presented by Mr Hans Nieuwlands, Chief Executive Officer of IIA Netherlands. This model can be applied as a strategic tool to reflect, assess and set the ambitions of their internal audit functions. It also provides a clear framework for the communication of the internal audit mandate and expectations to the Board and its Audit Committee.

In his welcome address, Mr Koh Chin Beng, Vice President of IIA Singapore said that internal audit can add value and improve customer experience by:

  • Providing assurance that the organisation is progressing on the course charted by management and the board;
  • Recommending corrective actions when the organisation is off course;
  • Identifying risks in advance;
  • Alerting management and the board of compliance risks or failures; and
  • Providing assurance that the organisation has "arrived at its destination."
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Global Internal Audit Leadership Summit 2019
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