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Learn At Lunch: Business Valuation Primer for Internal Auditors

Business valuation plays a key role in transactional matters and financial reporting and is crucial in situations involving arbitration or litigation, particularly shareholder disputes or an assessment of damages where valuation principles are often called upon. Also, in April 2017, the Committee on the Future Economy Report of the Working Group on Accounting and Legal Services has identified business valuation as one of the nine high growth practice areas for the region which can help drive the demand for Singapore’s legal and accounting services.

To create awareness and appreciation for the conduct of business valuation in the transaction and financial reporting environment, we organised a Learn At Lunch talk on ‘Business Valuation Primer for Internal Auditors’ that was conducted by Mr Eric Teo, Head of Business Valuation & Advisory, Savills Valuation and Professional Services on 13 June 2019.

“Content very clear and easy to understand,” said one participant. Attended by over 30 internal audit professionals, Mr Teo addressed the ABCs of business valuation, which included the approach undertaken by business valuers with emphasis on the valuation process as well as the valuation standards adopted in the market place. He also shared case studies with illustrations of key learning points of the presentation.

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