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Learn At Lunch: Cyber Crisis Management

Cybercrime, rapid adoption of new and disruptive technologies, and tougher regulatory requirements are placing huge demands on traditional IT risk management practices, tools and methods. When it comes to cybersecurity, it is widely accepted that despite the best protective cybersecurity measures, it is not a matter ‘if’, but ‘when’ organisations will suffer a security incident or cyberattack. Cybersecurity incidents present threats to the organisation’s business assets and ongoing business operations. These require strategies for cybersecurity to evolve to meet the new cyber threats and risks.

Over 40 internal audit practitioners attended the Learn At Lunch talk on “Cyber Crisis Management” on 8 August 2019. Mr Daryl Pereira, Partner & Head of Cybersecurity Consulting of KPMG  in Singapore and Mr Rajnish Kapur, Director of Cybersecurity Consulting, KPMG in Singapore covered the emerging tech risk landscape, recent cyber incidents and case studies, as well as an approach to conducting a cyber-readiness review or audit to ensure organisations have the right cyber foundations in place to meet the challenges of the digital era.

The talk received positive feedback from participants ranging from “very clear presentation with plenty of case studies as examples” to “Practical tips were useful”.

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