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Learn At Lunch: Key Issues on Managing Personal Data Breaches

Over 25 participants attended the Learn At Lunch talk on “Key Issues on Managing Personal Data Breaches” on 11 July 2019.

Mr Lionel Tan, Partner, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice from Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP started off by providing an overview of the recent updated guidelines issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission on Managing Data Breaches to understand how to handle the crisis in the event of a cyber breach. He then elaborated on the steps to improve an organisation’s incident response process. Apart from the pro-active measures that can be taken, Mr Tan also highlighted the processes that should be in place to mitigate damages in case of a data breach, such as implementing a Data Breach Management Plan, identifying key persons and setting out clear responsibilities in handling a data breach.

“As cyber crime evolves to become more threatening, internal auditors can value add to their organisations by adopting an intelligence-led approach to cybersecurity. You can help your  management to understand the magnitude of such risks, acknowledge your recommendations, and set them in motion. The best defence is a good offence strategy that that can be applied by businesses to the realm of cybersecurity,” said Mr Tan.

Mr Tan concluded the session by underscoring the need to be aware of Personal Data Protection obligations and putting in place Personal Data Protection Act compliance policies and IT security policies.  To prepare staff to manage any breach, he emphasised the importance of conducting staff training sessions to increase cyber awareness and cyber breach simulation exercises.









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