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Auditing Social Media Risks

Businesses around the world have a seen an increased presence on various social media platforms in order to stay in touch with and reach new customers. Social media also allows organisations to achieve business goals, penetrate new markets and drive recruitment. Adopting social media risks expose the organisation to reputational, legal and information security risks.

A webinar, “Auditing Social Media Risks” was held on 11 June 2020 which saw about 400 registrations. In line with IIA Singapore’s efforts to collaborate and “progress through sharing”, the webinar was opened to IIA affiliates in the Asia Pacific region. Presented by three speakers from KPMG, the talk focused on the key risks that internal auditors should consider and the key aspects to take into account in auditing social media.

The webinar generated a high level of interaction and engagement between the speakers and the attendees, as can be seen by the wide-ranging questions from IT skill sets required for auditing social media risks to the tools used to monitor social media platforms.

Thank you to our speakers from KPMG: Daryl Pereira, Partner, Head of Cyber Security and Member of IIA Singapore Technical and Technology Committee; Abha Sood, Director, Cyber Security Consulting and Sheryl Yu, Manager, Cyber Security Consulting.