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How Internal Audit Teams Can Manage Bribery And Corruption Risk

We hosted a webinar on 14 October 2021 highlighting key findings from the Kroll Global Fraud and Risk Report 2021 – Bribery and Corruption Risk: The Winds of Change. This report reveals the world’s biggest corporates have been hit hardest by bribery and corruption despite bolstering their defences.

The survey highlighted that corporates were placing an increased focus on proactive measures to manage bribery and corruption risk, including enterprise-wide risk assessments (82%) and the use of proactive data analytics (86%). Nearly three quarters (72%) said bribery and corruption issues were being given sufficient board-level attention and investment. However, despite these defences being employed, 82% overall still felt corruption and illicit activity were having a significant impact on their organisation.

Over 150 attendees participated in this webinar to hear from Kroll experts, Reshmi Khurana, Managing Director of Forensic Intelligence and Investigations and Head of Southeast Asia and Stefano Demichelis, Managing Director, Forensic Investigations and Intelligence discussed key findings from the report and provided insights on how bribery and corruptions are impacting organisations around the world. Discussion topics included issues around corporate culture and how smart companies are using technology and data insights to effectively mitigate bribery and corruption risk.