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Outreach to Singapore Polytechnic

Learning Journey by IIA Singapore
by Mulupuri Sruti, Year 1, Diploma in Accountancy, Singapore Polytechnic

The talk, “Embarking on an Internal Audit Career” conducted by IIA Singapore Young Professionals Working Group (YPWG) on 10 November 2021 has provided me with better insights on my career pathways. YPWG Chairperson Ms Katherine Ang and Vice Chairperson Mr Koh Yong Chuan shared their experiences, job scopes and day-to-day tasks, giving me a clearer understanding of internal auditing. The ups and downs of the job were also explained clearly, painting a realistic picture of what I can expect with this career choice.

The clever use of the interactive presentation software – Mentimeter, kept me engaged despite the talk being held virtually. The enriching experiences shared truly excited me, especially the opportunities to travel and the exposure to the wide variety of industries. 

Learning about the detailed skills required of an internal auditor also helped a great deal in clearing my doubts and misconceptions about the internal audit profession.

I would like to extend my thanks to Ms Vivian Chen for showing us the pathway to being an Internal Auditor. Thank you to IIA Singapore and the YPWG for sharing their time with us. A teammate adequately summed up the talk, revealing “I didn’t even know about the internal audit career pathway until now and might consider one in the future!”