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Five Reasons You Should Sign Up For The CIA Challenge Exam


If you are an internal audit practitioner and belong to one of the Qualified Accounting Bodies, here are five reasons you should sign up for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Challenge Exam.


Give your Career a Booster Jab

A globally recognised qualification that brings to mind integrity, quality and commitment to excel is testimony to your brand as a practitioner who possesses the insight and relevant internal auditing skills. Studying for the examination will enhance your job performance, which in turn will accelerate your career advancement.


Uplift your Auditing Skills

As the syllabus covers the International Professional Practices Framework (the ‘bible’ of IA!) and Risk Management Frameworks, amongst others, you are assured that you have been equipped with the complete and proper internal auditing techniques to sharpen your skills to a level higher than where you currently are. Your performance, foresight, speed and judgement improve, earning you the respect you deserve, and the rewards you aspire to have.


Network with 170,000 Like-minded Professionals

Globally, there are more than 170,000 CIAs. Having the qualification immediately extends your reach that spans continents, with affiliates in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa!


Save Time

For the standard 3-part CIA Exam, candidates must take three papers with over 300 multiple choice questions (MCQs) lasting more than six hours, this unique Challenge Exam takes you there with just one paper comprising 150 MCQs in three hours. If you’ve sat through Gone With The Wind, Titanic, LOTR’s The Return Of The King, or even Avengers: Endgame, you would have earned your CIA credentials!

This is possible because the syllabus has been developed to bridge the gap between the professional accounting and CIA credentials. For example, the topic of Financial and Management Accounting is not tested in the Challenge Exam. This saves both study and exam time and lets you focus your attention on what matters.

Our time is precious, and with many of us having invested a good portion of our time being where we are today, it makes sense to reach our next goal navigating the shortest path, so we can spend yet more quality time with our loved ones.


Save Money

With just a bundled fee of US$1,195 (US$1,545 for non-members), it covers all application and examination fees as well as study materials and 1,000 practice questions. You spend US$455 more (US$665 for non-members) if you do not take the Challenge Exam route.


With so many advantages, there is little reason you should delay signing up the CIA Challenge Exam!


Sia Nam Chie started his career as an auditor before moving to work in risk management and operations. He has served as a Governor of The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore from 2013 to 2019, and was a member of the IIA Global International Internal Auditing Standards Board from 2016 to 2018.