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The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore blogs reflect the personal views and opinions of the authors. These views may differ from policies and official statements of The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore and its committees and from opinions endorsed by the bloggers’ employers. 


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When Adios Doesn’t Mean Goodbye
By Jonathan Ho
October 2021


I have just stepped down from the IIA Singapore Board of Governors (BOG) after 6 years of service. 

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Five Reasons You Should Sign Up For The CIA Challenge Exam
By Sia Nam Chie

October 2021


If you are an internal audit practitioner and belong to one of the Qualified Accounting Bodies, here are five reasons you should sign up for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Challenge Exam.

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Why Internal Audit?
By Nicodemus Tan
September 2021


Many years ago, when I was overseeing an internal audit function in China, one of my internal auditors came to me crying. Her colleagues had accused her of being a traitor to Singaporeans by “writing bad things” about them which caused them to be fired.

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An Honour to Serve
By Koh Chin Beng
August 2021








Welcome to the IIA Singapore Blog!
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