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One Day Seminar: Robust Risk Culture & Risk Assessment Process

CPE Hours: 8

In addition to an effective governance, risk management and compliance framework and process, a robust risk culture can help encourage value creation instead of mere compliance in an organisation.

While building an effective organisational culture is a topic for human resources, developing a strong risk culture should be the focus of risk management and business functions. It is crucial that management knows how to build a risk culture that is aligned with the organisation’s business strategy and ensures that all staff perceive and manage risk in the manner which the board and management expect.

It is also of utmost importance that management is able to put in place a strong risk assessment process to identify, analyse and evaluate the nature and impact of risks and opportunities in order to effectively allocate limited resources and achieve the organisation’s goals. Thus, equipping the risk management and internal audit functions with the necessary knowledge and skills will also be essential to support management in doing so.

Join us for an interactive session to acquire insightful knowledge and practical tips on how to review and evaluate a robust risk culture and risk assessment process for your organisation.

• Internal auditors
• Internal controls officers
• Financial auditors
• Risk and compliance professionals who are seeking to understand more about implementing an effective risk culture and risk assessment process


What you will gain from this seminar:
• Gain insights on executives’ perspectives on top risks for 2018
• Gather practical tips on getting management buy-in to building a positive risk culture
• Learn how to perform a risk culture health check for your organisation
• Recognise critical success factors for developing and implementing a robust risk culture
• Determine the risk management maturity level of your organisation
• Acquire useful knowledge on setting risk appetite and risk tolerance
• Learn how to develop and implement an effective risk assessment process

Risk Trends
• Executives’ perspectives on top risks for 2018
• Macroeconomic risk issues
• Strategic risk issues
• Operational risk issues

Risk Culture
• Getting Csuite and nonrisk colleagues to be more engaged
• The IRM risk culture aspects model
• Critical success factors to building a positive risk culture
• Risk culture health check
• Identifying gaps in risk culture

Risk Maturity and Risk Appetite
• Different levels of risk management maturity
• Setting appropriate risk appetite and tolerance levels

Risk Assessment Process
• Ways to identify risks across the organisation
• Risk parameters and matrices used for risk analysis and evaluation
• How to rank and rate the likelihood and impact of risks by examining internal and external factors
• Evaluation on the effectiveness of the risk assessment process

Case studies discussion

Ms Sylvia Lim is the Managing Director of Corporate Risk Strategists and Excellence Link Associates, specialising in coaching, consulting and training on risk management, internal controls, as well as fraud prevention and detection. Sylvia has worked with the Big Four accounting firms, multinational
corporations and local companies in Hong Kong and Singapore for over 15 years.

Sylvia has been extensively involved in risk management, internal control, internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance projects in Asia Pacific. Additionally, Sylvia has over 5 years of professional training experience. She has provided various training programs on corporate governance, enterprise risk management, internal controls, anti-fraud and anti-corruption to diverse clients and directors from companies listed in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Graduated with an Accountancy degree (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University, Sylvia is also a Certified Internal Auditor of the Institute of Internal Auditors and Certified Fraud Examiner of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.