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SMU-IIAS Case Challenge 2018

SMU-IIAS Case Challenge 2018
by Lim Min Hui, SMU-IIAS Case Challenge Organising Committee Member 2018

The SMU-IIAS Case Challenge 2018, organised by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Singapore and SMU Accounting Society, was held on 4 August 2018. The topic of this year's Case Challenge was "Fraud in the Digital Era" and its aim was to enhance the participants' knowledge on internal audit and risk management, specifically in the area of fraud. We hope the participants  can gain useful skillsets from this competition, and even consider a career in these areas. The event garnered a total of 25 teams with 100 participants from both the Pre-University and University categories.

Teams were given one and a half hours to prepare for the case study, after which they presented their analysis and solutions to the judges. The top three teams for each category won cash prizes, while the winning team for the University category, JBED Consulting won a cash prize and gained internship opportunities with BDO and RSM. 

AD Auditors, the winning team for the Pre-University category commented, "SMU-IIAS Case Challenge has been an insightful and thought-provoking tournament. It was a ‘risk’ worth taking which has allowed us to interact with like-minded peers and even internal audit professionals. This has inspired us to consider internal audit as a career. Giving a score of 10/10, we would recommend such a competition to our juniors!"

The winning team for the University category said, “Leveraging on the expertise of three SMU Law Freshmen and one NTU Nanyang Business School Final Year student, our team is humbled that JBED Consulting managed to emerge as the winning team for the SMU-IIAS Case Challenge this year where we secured an internship with The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore, as well as a $1,000 cash prize.

We would like to thank SMU for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Our knowledge in fraud and risk management has increased tremendously with the hands-on, practical approach of this Challenge. We encourage future participants to adopt an open mind and to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones.” 

Congratulations also, to all participants for their insightful analysis and creative solutions. All in all, this event was a successful one with positive feedback from our participants.

University Category: Winner
JBED Consulting: Heng Li Ting Jaslyn, Tay Liang En Bryan, Elza Franco Lim and Daniel Lim Jun Jie
  University Category: 1st Runner Up
Stamford: Goh Kai Xiang, Tan Ming Hui Sophia Isabelle, Tan Hao Quan and Aloysius Chua Wei Lun
  University Category: 2nd Runner Up
Chicken Dinner: Lee Ting Yu Joe, Ang Jian En Benny, Chua Xing Ying and Jimmy Chon Xuan Pu
Junior College/Polytechnic Category: Winner
AD Auditors: Aung Myin Oo, Than Sin Mue Thaw, Chan Wan Yi Kelly and Frederick Yuen Zheng Yang
  Junior College/Polytechnic Category: 1st Runner Up
Anderson Junior College: Lee Tian Siang, Justin Tan Hongxian, Chen Ziyan and Pranav Krishna
  Junior College/Polytechnic Category: 2nd Runner Up
SJJJ: Wu Jiafang, Lee Shu Hui, Lim Jia Min and Joshua Koh Ze Shao
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