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CRMA Eligibility Requirement

By applying to become a candidate in the CRMA program, an individual agrees to accept the conditions of the program. These include eligibility requirements, exam confidentiality, Code of Ethics, and Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and any other conditions enacted by The IIA's Professional Certification Board (PCB). 

CRMA candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements. Before a candidate application can be approved, ALL documentation (proof of education, character reference, and proof of identification) must be received and approved by The IIA’s Certification staff.

Active CIA designation

The candidate must have successfully completed the requirements of the CIA program. The CIA designation must be active before applying the CRMA exam. Review the requirements for the CIA designation.


Character Reference

CRMAs must exhibit the highest moral and professional character and abide by the IIA’s Code of Ethics. Candidates must submit the Character Reference evaluated by a responsible person such as a CIA, CRMA, supervisor, manager, or educator. The Character Reference is obtained electronically in CCMS.

Continuing Professional Education: Upon certification, CRMAs are required to maintain their knowledge and skills and stay abreast of improvements and current developments in the government auditing environment. For details, refer to Continuing Professional Education .

Work Experience

A CRMA candidate must obtain 5 years of business experience with a minimum 2 years in internal auditing or its equivalent. Work experience must be verified by a CIA, a CRMA or the candidate's supervisor. The Experience Verification may accompany the application or be submitted before or after taking the examination. However, the form must be completed in CCMS and received by The IIA within the program eligibiltiy period before a candidate can become certified.

Proof of Identification

Candidates must provide proof of identification in the form of a copy of the candidate’s official passport or national identity card. These must indicate current status; expired documents will not be accepted.

Eligibility Period

The CRMA program’s eligibility requires candidates to complete the program certification process within two (02) years of application approval. If a candidate have not completed the certification process within two (02) years (ie, pass the exam and provide evidence that they have obtained five years of internal audit and/or risk management experience), all fees and exam parts will be forfeited.


The CRMA exam is a non-disclosed examination. Candidates in the program agree to keep the contents of the CRMA exam confidential and therefore may not discuss the specific exam content with anyone except The IIA's Certification Department. Unauthorised disclosure of exam material will be considered a breach of the Code of Ethics and could result in disqualification of the candidate or other appropriate censure.

Code of Ethics

CRMA candidates agree to abide by the Code of Ethics established by The IIA.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Upon certification, CRMAs are required to maintain their knowledge and skills and stay abreast of improvements and current developments by satisfying CPE requirements.

IIA Membership

Candidates must be a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore in order to take any of the IIA Certifications, and be familiar with The IIA’s Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and agree to abide by The IIA’s Code of Ethics which sets forth standards of conduct for all members and certificants.

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